Moment of Silence

Being a fan of a sport brings out a natural camaraderie in all. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, football, basketball, or any other sport that is out there – we all cheer together, tear together, and sit on the edges of our seats together, as we watch our favorite sport(s).

Sadly, today, we mourn together as we have lost a young life too soon, who shared in our love of soccer. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of UC Berkeley student Eloi Vasquez who lost his life this past weekend, while traveling with his soccer team.

May the field be wide and green in your final resting place.

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We’re March-ing Home!

Do you feel it? There’s an electricity surging through our town.

Do you see it? Smiles are more often. And a bit wider.

Do you hear it? Voices are being dusted off.

Do you know what it is?!   YES. It IS Game Day. And it is on the horizon!

Game starts at 4 p.m. Stadium gates will open at 2 p.m. Parking lot gates will open at 12 p.m. Parking passes are available for purchase at each of the lots (and YES, they do accept credit cards now!). However, the game is SOLD OUT, so the ticket center will NOT be open for sales.

Tailgate starts promptly at noon in the Gold Lot. (You do not need to park in the Gold Lot to be part of the tailgate.) Look for the banner, the happy faces, and listen for the music.

Don’t forget to bring that something-special you’ve been working on during the off-season for the Share Table. And of course, the Magic Cooler will be present. But most importantly, don’t forget your energy and your smiles. It’s the only cost of admission to THE tailgate as we prepare to welcome home our boys to our new stadium!!!!


See You Later Brandon…Best of Luck to You.

The San Jose Earthquakes announced on Wednesday (3/18/15) that the club has mutually agreed to part ways with defender Brandon Barklage.

Barklage, 28, joined the Earthquakes in 2014 and appeared in 13 games for the team last season. He joined the Quakes via the 2013 Re-Entry process after two seasons with the New York Red Bulls. – Read More

Quakes vs. Seattle This Saturday 3/14

I’ve been asked before, “what does an away game tailgate look like”??? So let me go through it again. It looks just like a regular tailgate. Same Food Specials, Drink Specials, and all the people you know and have come to love are there.

The Seattle Away tailgate will be at Rookies Sports Lounge in San Jose (535 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA 95125)

What can you expect? Food Specials and Drink Specials. TV’s with the game on, sound on and tables all together so you can continue to enjoy the same pre-game and game time atmosphere that we have come to enjoy.

Show up to support, stay for the group!!!


Game On!!!!

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for all the re-posts, re-tweets and phone calls made to the MLS League office over the last two days. The pressure exerted by us and the players/players union has ended the players strike in a positive manner. All games that I know of are set to take place as scheduled.

Great work everyone, First we got a stadium built, now we have better offers, contracts and treatment for our players.

I myself cannot wait until the home opener. I also cannot wait to see everyone. GO QUAKES!!!!!!!!

We Stand United With Our Players – Now And Forever

As you may or may not know, the San Jose Casbah are members of the Independent Supporters council. We are also huge fans of our team and players (I bet you knew that already). I hope this isn’t the case but you might not know that the players, our players, have gone on strike. Just incase you didn’t know what has been going on, please read the following statement. I will be following up in another blog post to discuss what our plans are for the first home game assuming the player strike continues.

Call on All Fans to Attend Their Scheduled “Game” This Weekend Anyway In Event of Strike

The Independent Supporters Council of North America and its associated members would like to make it clear that they are in complete support of the Major League Soccer Players Union. Members of the ISC constitute the vast majority of supporters groups throughout the many Major League Soccer teams in North America. During our recent ISC Conference in Denver, it was agreed that all groups were unanimously in support of our players.

The players are the ones for whom we pay our hard-earned money to watch. They are the ones for whom we sing songs and whom we ask to give their all for the teams we love. We believe the players are not asking too much in demanding a fair share of the revenue they generate from us, the fans.

Supporters groups, much like the MLS Players Union, see past the claims of poverty made by MLS and the various owners, who have recently received $240 million dollars in expansion fees from NYC FC, Orlando City SC, and Atlanta. A new television deal between MLS, ESPN, Fox, and Univision Deportes will bring MLS $720 million over the next 8 years. On top of this, there are millions in undisclosed sponsorship dollars, ticket sales, and concessions dollars each season.

When one adds to this the associated revenue from such profitable ventures as Soccer United Marketing, the claims of poverty and loss by MLS and ownership ring hollow to everyone but MLS and team owners.

The Independent Supporters Council also recognizes that many of the things the players are fighting for mirror what we have been fighting for with MLS for years: transparency, respect for those who help build the league, and clarity.

We urge MLS and the owners to do the right thing and come to an acceptable compromise with the MLS Players Union. Taking the hard line will only set MLS back at a key moment of growth in the history of professional soccer in North America.

In the event of a work stoppage, the Independent Supporters Council is calling on all member groups to show up at their stadium this weekend, just as they would if games would be played. Whether you normally tailgate, march to the match, or gather at a local establishment, our presence at every MLS stadium in the league will send a strong message of support for the players and demonstrate to owners lost revenue.