Got Tailgate?

As promised, fresh off the internet highway, one Avaya Stadium Parking Map for your enjoyment pleasure!

As you can see, the area where the Casbah/Faultline Tailgate area is clearly marked. See the little tailgaters waving?! The map provides details on where to turn in off of Coleman Avenue. Signs will be on the road, as well, directing you to the various lots. Remember, you do not have to park in the Gold Lot to attend the tailgate. But wherever you do park, lot attendants can now accept cash or plastic as forms of payment (sorry, no arms and legs at this point).

And yes, open flames are allowed. Okay, let’s clarify that. Open flames on grills, people!

Make sure and pay attention to where parking is not condoned. We don’t have a service to shuttle you to the local Tow Lot!

2015 Parking-Tailgating Map

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