Tailgating and Parking Information

Tailgate Area will be in the Gold Lot, closest to the Silver Lot. This will make the tailgate easily accessible, whether you choose to park in Silver, Gold, or Platinum. A map will be posted tomorrow with the exact location of the Tailgate Area. This will be the area for the remainder of the season.

We have been informed that parking in other business lots, i.e., the airport and other surrounding parking lots, will not be tolerated by those companies. We are simply passing on this information.

At this time, the V.I.P. lot is the only area that is paved. Because of this, the first few games, (including the Inaugural Game) parking may take place in dirt. Look for the tailgating area to be roped off and marked. Make sure and park nearby, or within the roped-off area (if space allows). Keep in mind that you will still need to park in your designated parking lot (whichever pricing level you have purchased).

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