672 Hours

4 Weeks.

 28 Days.

 672 Hours.

 However your soccer ball bounces . . . it comes down to one simple truth. IT IS GAME DAY.

 Not just any game day. It is the 2015 San Jose Earthquakes Opening Game Day.

 Not just any stadium. It is the long awaited, much anticipated, San Jose Earthquakes Avaya Stadium.

 Not just any jersey. It is the tried and true, black and blue, San Jose Earthquakes jersey.

 Not just any fan. It is YOU. It is ME. It is US.

 WE are the supporters of the San Jose Earthquakes. We are the ones who will sleep very little in 27 nights. We are the ones who are already dusting off our game-day wear. We are the ones who have been chanting in our dreams, our showers, and our cars. We are the ones who are saying tearful good-byes to that other life.

 But it knows. It understands. Because we are the screams. Because we are the tears. Because we are the cheers.

We are the San Jose Hypocenter: The Casbah – The Faultline – The Imperio

 We are where it all begins. We are the shake. We are the quake. We are the seismic wave. We are the momentum.

See you March 22!

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