Yo Quiero Stanford Taco Guy

Just 25 days left until a day filled with soccer, dusty parking lots, loud music, fantastic desserts, fantastic-er drinks, and oh, TACOS!

Last day to reserve your taco/quesadilla plate is Sunday, June 21st. We will be handing over the count at that time to our lovely Taco Guy. There is a chance extra wristbands will be available the day of the game, but do you really want to take that chance and stand there longingly, staring at other’s deliciousness on their plates, simply because you did not get your payment in on time? Me thinks not!

So to clarify –  your hard-earned cash of $15 will get you (1) wristband for “keep comin’ back” tacos and/or quesadillas – complete with all the fixins. Last day to make your order is Sunday, June 21st. Numbers will be sent to the Taco Guy at 9 p.m. PST on that day.

Remind your friends and fellow tailgaters to come here and place their order. After all, you don’t really need any extracurricular drool on the food you paid for. Let them drool on their own food!

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Stay tuned for Day-of-Game Parking Information.

Start thinking about what you’ll be sharing at the Share Table!

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