Help us FILL the Trailer!

Fires have torn through the Napa/Sonoma area and displaced many families. We have all been touched by this disaster in one way or another, whether it’s been a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, or watching the smoke and ash gather on your own front door; we have all been affected.

At the last regular season tailgate of the season, the San Jose Casbah will be collecting supplies that we will be driving up on Monday, October 23rd. Please use this time to clean out your closets because we are planning on taking up a trailer (yes, a trailer!) of supplies that our San Jose Casbah Community has gathered together to compile. We are looking specifically for blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, toiletries, pet supplies, clothing, and towels. Items should be new or in good, re-usable condition.

Help us FILL the TRAILER!!!!