San Jose Earthquakes Supporters Join with Pajama Program: CA Bay Area Chapter

PajamaProgram_logoIn conjunction with fellow Earthquakes supporter and head of Pajama Program: CA Bay Area Chapter, the San Jose Casbah will come together with other Earthquakes supporters at a Pajama Sorting Event at Stevens Creek Lexus.

If you are able to spare some time to attend this wonderful event, please RSVP at the event’s Facebook Site.  And yes, kids are welcome to help out!!!  P.S.  Don’t forget to wear your Supporter’s Group or Earthquakes gear!

If you are unable to make it, but definitely want to help make a difference, please don’t hesitate to help out by making a donation, which will go directly to the CA Bay Area Chapter of the Pajama Program.  These funds will go directly to the Santa Clara community, as supported by your San Jose Earthquakes.

Continue Reading to Learn More about Pajama Program:


Pajama Program provides new pajamas and new books to children in need nationwide, many of whom are waiting to be adopted. These children live in group homes, shelters and temporary housing facilities and are shuffled often from one place to another. Many of them have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Most of these children have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a parent tuck them in at bedtime with warm, clean pajamas and a bedtime story. Some of the children are living with their families below the poverty level, in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter. These two simple gifts of pajamas and books let the children know that someone cares – sometimes these are the only new things they have ever received.

Who Are Our Children?

  • Children in need ranging from newborn to age 18.
  • Children who are living 200% below the poverty level.
  • Children of teenage pregnancies with parents who struggle to take care of them.
  • Children who are homeless and living in shelters.
  • Children who come to the shelter without any clothing or belongings.
  • Children in foster care.
  • Children who are youth of incarcerated parents.
  • Children who have been physically or emotionally abused and neglected.
  • Children who are emotionally traumatized.
  • Children who have been abandoned.
  • Children who are in head start programs.

“We have some children dealing with the fact that they are not stable, they don’t have a stable home. Children are dealing with moving. They are transitional, they are always moving from one place to another. And I think emotionally it can be a lot for the children.” – Caretaker

Pajama Program’s Story

“What are these?”

This was not a question from a child on a school trip to a museum, but from Maria, a child in a shelter who was holding for the first time a new pair of pajamas. When finally convinced that she could take off the clothes she wore all day and sleep in the pajamas she said, “you mean I can keep these for the rest of my life?”

From experiences like this, Pajama Program, a 501(c)(3) founded in 2001, was created. Pajama Program serves children throughout the nation with 60 Chapters in 33 States. Thousands of pajamas and books are being provided to children in desperate need of comfort and care. The pajamas have come to represent people who care, and they offer security and love for a child abandoned in a shelter or waiting for a foster home. The books complete a nighttime ritual that so many of us took for granted… when Mom or Dad said, “okay get your pajamas on and I’ll be right in to read you a story.” Children in transition seldom hear these comforting words.

Taxes, taxes, taxes!

When Uncle Sam delivers that nice little refund to you, don’t forget about the San Jose Casbah!

Membership Options are now Live for purchase.  When you purchase the membership that pertains to you, don’t forget to come by our first tailgate on March 6th to receive your fancy-schmancy, handy-dandy, nice-and-blue, just-for-you stadium blanket to show the world you support the San Jose Earthquakes and it’s community!  blanket$20 for Individual
$30 for Families (2 adults and their children under the age of 18)

We are a non-profit organization that supports the San Jose Earthquakes and aims toward the betterment of its community.

From Food Drives . . .

To Food and Clothing Sorting . . .


And Many More Things in the Treasure Box to come (like the upcoming joint effort with Open Your Heart: Pajama Program on 2/23!)

Click on the appropriate link below to purchase your San Jose Casbah Membership today!  Not only does your purchase get you a warm stadium blanket, it also goes toward helping those who are less fortunate in the Earthquakes community.  If you have a close-to-your heart charity you’d like us to consider, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.

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Here’s to a rewarding 2016 with our San Jose Earthquakes and your fellow supporters.