Levi Stadium Info Anyone??

The San Jose Casbah wishes it had the answer to everything. We always thought we had the answer to everything “tailgating.” After all, it’s kind of our thing. Alas, it appears the answer is a bit more elusive this time as we enter another year of tailgating (or not) at Levi Stadium.

Let us start off by letting you know we are simply passing on information here, which has been passed on to our organization. Before you read on, know you will find no definitive answers today. We are hoping for those silly little definitive answers tomorrow (or at least before the game!)

So, the powers-that-be, at Levi Stadium, were apparently unaware that the only parking lot available on Ticketmaster was for Blue Lot 1. They are in the process of rectifying that situation, and opening pre-sale parking lot tickets for Red Lot 3. A code will be given out to order those parking tickets, but . . . we’re still waiting on that information from Levi Stadium. And yes, everyone has to pay for parking. No one has parking passes for Levi Stadium until you hand over more mullah.

Banners, flags, drums.

Despite the policy of Levi Stadium to not allow such items, arrangements were made to allow them for this soccer game. BUT WAIT. That privilege was taken away again because Security said they made no such arrangements and will not allow for such arrangements. BUT WAIT. The agreement has been made again – the head honchos conversed and shook hands, and well, the thing is, it’s not in the Security Plan yet. So the agreement that was made, then not made, then made again, is not in writing. So really, until it’s in writing and in the Security Plan, don’t make any plans. Capiche??

Where do Supporters’ Groups meet and how do we get to our ultimate destination? That is a very good question. Still one that needs to be answered. The Security Plan (you seeing a theme here?) called for Supporters’ Groups to enter in the same entrance as last year, but that’s when they thought we were tailgating in Red Lot 3, which doesn’t exist to us yet. So, another “we’ll get back to you on that.”

If you have any questions, – – – well, you can ask, and, “we’ll get back to you on that.”

We are under no disillusion this whole thing is a gigantic headache for all; we have and will provide information as up-to-date as we get it. Please keep in mind our long line of tin cans and string that connect us all. Levi Stadium talks to the Earthquakes front office, which in turn talks to us, who in turn talk to you. We are being as persistent as our super powers allow us. Thanks for your patience, and look for more information as soon as 49ers-possible.