Got Tailgate?

As promised, fresh off the internet highway, one Avaya Stadium Parking Map for your enjoyment pleasure!

As you can see, the area where the Casbah/Faultline Tailgate area is clearly marked. See the little tailgaters waving?! The map provides details on where to turn in off of Coleman Avenue. Signs will be on the road, as well, directing you to the various lots. Remember, you do not have to park in the Gold Lot to attend the tailgate. But wherever you do park, lot attendants can now accept cash or plastic as forms of payment (sorry, no arms and legs at this point).

And yes, open flames are allowed. Okay, let’s clarify that. Open flames on grills, people!

Make sure and pay attention to where parking is not condoned. We don’t have a service to shuttle you to the local Tow Lot!

2015 Parking-Tailgating Map

Pre-Season Friendly v L.A. Galaxy on February 28, 2015

There are tickets still available for the exciting pre-season “friendly” game against the L.A. Galaxy. But really, are these games ever friendly?! They can be purchased at:

Pre-Season Tickets v L.A. Galaxy 2/28/15

Tickets are being limited for this game, so they’re selling out quickly. Gather your friends, your neighbors, your bagel delivery guy, and your favorite lawn gnome. Let’s show up, and show up Proud, Black & Blue (and sometimes Red . . .)!

The game starts at 2 p.m. Parking lots will be open at 10 a.m., so guess when the tailgate starts! You guessed it – 10 a.m.! We will see you there. We won’t judge if you’re still wearing your Snoopy pajamas; we just want to see your smiling, yawny faces!

Let’s make this a brunch-type tailgate. Do with that as you please. As always, there will be a share table. We all remember how to share, right?! The Magic Cooler will not be available – gotcha there, didn’t we?! Of course it will be there, and it will be filled with liquidy goodness.

See you all at the game.

Correction – at the Tailgate!

Tailgating and Parking Information

Tailgate Area will be in the Gold Lot, closest to the Silver Lot. This will make the tailgate easily accessible, whether you choose to park in Silver, Gold, or Platinum. A map will be posted tomorrow with the exact location of the Tailgate Area. This will be the area for the remainder of the season.

We have been informed that parking in other business lots, i.e., the airport and other surrounding parking lots, will not be tolerated by those companies. We are simply passing on this information.

At this time, the V.I.P. lot is the only area that is paved. Because of this, the first few games, (including the Inaugural Game) parking may take place in dirt. Look for the tailgating area to be roped off and marked. Make sure and park nearby, or within the roped-off area (if space allows). Keep in mind that you will still need to park in your designated parking lot (whichever pricing level you have purchased).

672 Hours

4 Weeks.

 28 Days.

 672 Hours.

 However your soccer ball bounces . . . it comes down to one simple truth. IT IS GAME DAY.

 Not just any game day. It is the 2015 San Jose Earthquakes Opening Game Day.

 Not just any stadium. It is the long awaited, much anticipated, San Jose Earthquakes Avaya Stadium.

 Not just any jersey. It is the tried and true, black and blue, San Jose Earthquakes jersey.

 Not just any fan. It is YOU. It is ME. It is US.

 WE are the supporters of the San Jose Earthquakes. We are the ones who will sleep very little in 27 nights. We are the ones who are already dusting off our game-day wear. We are the ones who have been chanting in our dreams, our showers, and our cars. We are the ones who are saying tearful good-byes to that other life.

 But it knows. It understands. Because we are the screams. Because we are the tears. Because we are the cheers.

We are the San Jose Hypocenter: The Casbah – The Faultline – The Imperio

 We are where it all begins. We are the shake. We are the quake. We are the seismic wave. We are the momentum.

See you March 22!